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Sts. Peter & Paul Sr. Ukrainian Orthodox League

Carnegie Chapter

2022-2023 Sr. UOL Officers, Sts. Peter & Paul Chapter

President:  Michael Sally

Vice-President:  Brittany Bretell

Secretary:  Lisa Ryan

Treasurer:  Michael Kapeluck

Asst. Treasurer:  Michele Kapeluck

Reporter:  Sue Leis

Auditors:  Bonnie Reinhart, Alexis Sawchuck

UOL Sunday - First Sunday in December


This year, 2021, UOL Sunday is December 5th.  Our Sr. UOL Chapter will remember and honor those chapter members who came before us and helped build our chapter for these past 65 years with a memorial service after Divine Liturgy.

To view a list of those members you may click HERE.

May their memories be eternal!

65th Anniversary Celebration




OCTOBER 14, 2021 6:30 PM

Click the Link below to view the video invitation.

Click HERE>> 65th Sr. UOL Chapter Video Anniversary Dinner Invite

When you are ready to RSVP for the dinner,

Please do so by using the following RSVP:


Click HERE to RSVP for 65th UOL Dinner

Reminder:  RSVP by October 6, 2021

Guest payment due: October 10, 2021

Coffee Hour


Coffee Hour Schedule

 If you are unable to attend on your assigned date, it is your responsibility to find someone to help or change with someone. 



65th UOL Chapter Anniversary Dinner Images

UOL 65th Anniversary Dinner - 10/14/21

(35 images)

Chapter Awards (work in progress)

Sr UOL Chapter

Sr. UOL Chapter Achievement Award


Metro J Baron Award

Metro J Baron Award : working with youth


Sr Orthodox of Year

Sr. UOL Orthodox of Year


Other Awards

Distinguished & Cultural Awards

UOL Souper Bowl Sunday

UOL Souper Bowl Sunday - 02/05/23

(21 images)

UOL Souper Bowl Sunday - 02/06/22

UOL Souper Bowl Sunday 2.6.2022

(34 images)

UOL Souper Bowl To Go 2021

UOL Souper Bowl Event - 02/07/21

(9 images)

UOL Souper Bowl 2020

UOL Souper Bowl Event - 02/02/20

(60 images)

UOL Souper Bowl 2019

UOL Souper Bowl - 02/03/19

(29 images)

Coffee Hour & Monthly Luncheon Information


Coffee Hours are back using specific quidelines worked out with the Parish Council based on current rules for Covid-19 guidelines.  There are guidelines for people putting coffee hour together and for those enjoying the social time.  The information was published in the bulletin and is posted in the parish social hall.

Sue Leis is chair of Coffee Hour rotation schedule.  An enlarge schedule is on the door behind the coffee hour table in the church social hall to be viewed for the most up to date information and any schedule changes.  Reminders are also listed in the bulletin.

Bonnie Reinhart is chair of the Coffee Hour supply items.  If we are running low on coffee, cups, napkins, etc. Please let her know so she can replenish these items for us.

UOL Souper Bowl 2018

UOL Souper Bowl 2018 - 02/04/18

(27 images)

UOL Souper Bowl 2017

UOL Souper Bowl 2017 - 02/05/17

(8 images)

St. Peter & St. Paul Sr. UOL Chapter


The Sr. UOL Chapter of Sts. Peter & Paul, Carnegie, PA was formed in 1956 followed by the forming of our Jr. UOL Chapter in 1960.  OUr chapter quickly became active on all levels of church life, local, regional and national.  OVer the past six decades the UOL Chapters have excelled in fulling the Mission of the UOL and upholding its motto:  Dedicated to Our Church; Devoted to its Youth.  Below are some of the current activities of our Chapter.

Scholarships:  For the past 30 years the Chapter has provded small scholarships to parishioners for any post-secondary education (2-4 year college, trade school, seminary etc.) 

Pysanky Sale:  Our Pysanky Sale has evolved over the past 50 years into a regional cultural event that has become an annual tradition for individuals and families throughout the tri-state area.  While origianlly a fundriaser, the sale and its ancillary events have come to also promote cultural eduation and the Orthodox faith.  The sale helps to fund the Chapters activities and ministries as well as funding the the ministries of other parish organizations.   To view additional information on the Pysanky Sale and view images please click HERE.

Publishing/Office:  This committee provides the office and publishing needs of the parish.   Activities include:

  • Publishing weekly Bulletin
  • Publishing service books
  • Printing of advertising for Parish festivals and events
  • Misc. Printing items for church
  • Providing office supplies for church
  • Subsidizing office related fees:  PO Box fee, bulk mail permit, etc.

Ministries Committee:  Provides Christian ministries for the parish and community.  Activities include: 

  • replenishing booklets, pamphlets, magazines for Orthodox info racks,
  • providing the parish with Orthodox Study Bibles for new members,
  • maintaining a book mobile,
  • $5.00 luncheons where the proceeds provided to a charity on a yearly basis [2016 was FOCUS Pittsburgh, 2017 will be St Andrew's Society, 2018 is FOCUS Pittsburgh]
  • Donations are given on average to about 12 other parish, local and national organizations each year.
  • Seminarians +Club:  the chapter and members sponsor and remember seminarians at St. Sophia & current college students
  • Sunshine Committee:  Sends cards of greetings to people for various life events.

Coffee Hour:  The UOL has sponsored a weekly coffee hour for the past 40 years.  The chapter views this activity more as a ministry than a fund raiser as each chapter member in liew of paying membership dues hosts a coffee hour.  During this past year a number of non-chapter members have joined to help with this ministry.

Ukrainian Food Festival:  Almost 20 years ago the Chapter teamed up with the Kitchen Workers to sponsor a food booth on the mall during the Carnegie Arts and Heritage Festival.  Once the Carnegie Festival ceased we continued this activity as our own food festival in our parish hall.   To view additional information on the festival and images click HERE.

Thanksgiving Dinner:  28 years ago the Chapter began the Thanksgiving Dinner Open House which invites anyone form the public to attend.  The event quickly became so popular within hte parish that it became a parish sponsored event that the chapter supports.  We distribute on average 200 meals a year.  After the 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner, the UOL Chapter turned the Thanksgiving Dinner over to the Parish Council to take the lead on.  The UOL Chapter still helps sponsor, provides support and workers to the event. 

Parish Museum:  The Chapter founded the Sts Peter & Paul Museum & Archives 30 years ago.  The Museum's purpose was the preservaiton and propagation of parish history and Ukrainian culture.  After a hiatus the Museum has reorganized and is once again active.  For 

It’s not just about Coffee Hour or Luncheons



It’s not just about Coffee Hour or Luncheons



Instead of just donuts and coffee for coffee hour, the Sr. UOL Chapter of Carnegie, PA sponsors a $5 Luncheon with the help from many parishioners throughout the year.  The proceeds of the luncheons are collected during the year and provided to a charity that the chapter selects at the beginning of each year.  This past year, 2018, our chapter selected FOCUS Pittsburgh to receive the proceeds.


On Wednesday, February 6, 2018, Father John Charest & Sr. UOL Chapter members visited Father Paul Abernathy at the FOCUS Pittsburgh location and joined them in their Noon Day Prayer Service.  After an inspiring service & sermon the chapter presented Fr. Paul with our check from our Luncheons and some food for their pantry shelves.  Michael Kapeluck also gifted the small mission parish at the site with an icon of St. Matthew.


We were then blessed to receive a tour of their facility including their trauma response unit.   Father Paul proceeded to explain all the many services their location is offering to those in need in the area.  From health services, food, clothing, living assistance, lunches for children to a hot dinner meal on Wednesdays.  He stated it was important to “show our Orthodoxy to the world by doing”.  Everyone will be taking the message from our visit back to our Parish to continue aiding the FOCUS Pittsburgh location.  A very blessed & inspiring day was had by all who attended.


Chapter History: Section in development

Past Officers

Past National UOL Officers


In Memory

Memory Eternal

UOL Chapter Members


Past Chapter Officers

Sr. UOL Chapter Presidents


Sr. UOL Chapter

Events / Committees Through the Years

Ukrainian Orthodox League - National Organization


Ukrainian Orthodox League of the USA (UOL) is an auxiliary organization of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, formed by the seventh Sobor in 1946.  The major purposes of the UOL include the development of better knowledge and understanding of hte Ukrainian Orthodox Church; encourageing youth interest and participation in the Church; publishing and distributing educaitonal materials; promoting religious, cultural, and social activities and programs; promoting by every means possible hte growth and development of the Orthodox Church.

The UOL also administers the Junior Ukrainian Orthodox League, which is composed of youth ranging in age from 12-18 years.  The Jr. UOL elects its own Executive Board and participates in the Annual UOL Teenage Conference, the Annual UOL Convention, and other youth related activities.

Major projects of the Senior UOL include administration of Metropolitan John scholarhips for seminarians and clergy; awarding the Lynn Sawchuck-Sharon Kuzbyt scholarships for Juniors; planning educaitonal activities including conferences, seminars, and lectures; sponsoring programs for pre-teens and their parents; sponsoring week-ends for young adults to gather; promoting missions activities in local parishes and communities as well as aid programs for communities in need in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world.  The offical publication of the UOL is the UOL Bulletin, available online.  The UOL also publishes a variety of religious and cultural educational materials.


Promoting active participation in all aspects of hte Orthodox faith and supporting hte Church

Developing and maintaining programs and projects which educate members and promote dedication and commitment to the Church, Her teachings, traditions, and missions.

Providing opportunities for the development of leaderships skills and responsibility among the youth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.

Providing and promoting informaiton on Ukrainian heritage and history to the general public and establishing means which ensure the continuation of cultural awarness and pride within our membership.

St. Peter & St. Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church

P. O. Box 835

(Mailing Address)


220 Mansfield Blvd.

Carnegie, PA  15106

Rectory:  412-279-2111

Parish Hall:  412-276-9718

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First Ever Pascha Service at All Saints Camp
6 May 2024 at 9:59am

На Таборі Всіх Святих Вперше Відбулися Пасхальні Богослужіння 


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The parish supports various causes and efforts through-out the community during the year.  Below are just a few of our current on-going efforts.


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