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Information on attending Divine Liturgies on Sunday or Wednesday

Glory to Jesus Christ!

 I'm excited to announce that on June 14th, we will begin in-person participation in the Liturgies at Saints Peter and Paul parish. To ensure the safety of everyone we're asking a few things of everyone.

If you are sick or have been sick in the last 14 days, please continue to worship from home.

At this time there will be no choir, only a cantor.

Because the number of participants is limited, Fr. John is offering two Liturgies a week.

Please contact Fr. John  with your availability for Liturgies on Sundays and Wednesdays beginning with Sunday, June 14th, and Wednesday, June 17th and provide availability up to August if possible.

You will need to be confirmed as attending before you may show up

When you reply with your availability, please list all those who will attend with you so we may account for them. 

Please keep in mind that you may not be able to attend all the Liturgies for which you state you are available.

We are trying to keep attendance as fair as possible. 

I've included a short video to help explain our opening process. The link is here.

 If you have any hesitations or concerns about any of these protocols, please reach out to Fr. John at 847-910-7120 or 

 I look forward to seeing you soon. 

In Christ's love,

Fr. John 

Arrive to church early and with your face-mask on.

An Usher will greet you and bring you to a pew that will accommodate you and the people with you.  Please leave your face-mask on until you are seated in the pew. 

The Ushers will great you in the back of the church when you arrive and ask you if you have been sick, if you need to use hand sanitizer and answer any questions.  

They can help you with candles and your weekly offering.


Once you're in the pew, you may remove your face-mask for the entire Liturgy.

The Usher will seat you in a pew that is not taped off that you choose.

We're asking that you remain in your pew until an usher calls you for Communion or dismissal.


 We're asking that you remain in your pew until an usher calls you for Communion or dismissal. 

The usher will come and let you know when to proceed in the line for Communion.

Taped lines are on the carpet to help show where to stand while you wait for your turn to move forward in the Communion line or dismissal line.


If you need to use the restroom during Liturgy please use the one on the left, if you're facing toward the back of the church, and wash your hands well before returning to your pew.


After receiving Communion there will be no bread and wine to take, please utilize the side aisle of the side of the church of which you were sitting to return to your pew.

At the conclusion of Liturgy, please put your face-mask back on and an usher will dismiss pews one at a time to Fr. John who will distribute prosphora. 

Thank you for attending and your patience while we work through our Welcoming Home process!

9:30am - Divine Liturgy

6/28: You must be scheduled to attend in person.  Please contact Fr. John to schedule.

7/5: Deacon Typika Service with Deacon Evan (service will not be live streamed).  Please tune into the Consistory Facebook Page for Divine Liturgy

9:30am - Akathist

7/1:  Akathist instead  of Divine Liturgy (You will not need to sign up to attend this service.)

6:00pm - Vespers

7/4:  No Vespers Service.  Please tune to the Consistory Facebook for vespers service.


Note:  Not all Wednesday Divine Liturgy and Vesper Services may be live-streamed.  All Sunday Divine Liturgy Services will be live-streamed.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Welcome Home Video From Fr. John
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